Wednesday, October 1, 2014

T is for Trail Class with Fences

Jenny over at Alphabet Thursday is featuring letter "T" this week.
Around here we think Trail . . .

. . . as in Trail Class.  My daughters favorite event . . .
This is a locket my daughter has saved from childhood.  The photo
on right is her first horse.  On the left is Buck the horse that she rode in competition.  One of her favorite horse show events is Trail Class. 

Trail is a competitive class at horse shows where horses and riders in western-style attire and horse tack navigate a series of obstacles.
Prior to competition riders must memorize the pattern of obstacles which is posted outside the competition ring.  Many times in small low level shows the pattern is hand written by the judge. 
Young riders get some last minute encouragement before entering the ring . . .

Contestants ride the course one at a time through a series of obstacles following the pattern posted.  The obstacles are things a horse and rider might encounter on the trail and/or real life situations on a ranch or farm. 
A mailbox . . .
A gate.  This is a difficult maneuver.  The rider must ride to the gate turn the horse and then have the horse move sideways while the gate is pushed open.  Then the horse has to turn and pass through.  The rider cannot let go of the gate during the maneuver.
This is a rider opening a rope gate.  There are many different ways to set this obstacle up.
Another obstacle is the bridge.  Usually a small wooden structure. 
The horse must walk completely over the bridge without stepping off.
A typically difficult maneuver is the box.  The rider must have the horse turn 360 degrees without stepping out of the box.  In this photo you can  see the judges. 
There are many different level horse shows.  There are shows for beginners to high level competitors.  The above photo shows riders at a therapeutic riding school. 
At the end of the event the riders line up and wait for the results.
Each rider is hoping their name is called to receive a Blue ribbon.
Proudly displaying the days success. 

         All unmarked photos were found on google.
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Wednesday Filled With Words

Wednesday Filled With Words
Wednesdays the day I've been setting aside to write.  Most of my posts are about homemaking, cooking, book reviews, or photo's.

On Wednesday I've either been posting illustrated scripture . . .

Or writing a post about something I've been thinking about. 

The other day a topic that Lisa Jo suggested hit me close to home.   The topic was "Close".
I thought about what I would say if someone said.  Who are your close friends. 
It makes me sad to say but I don't have any close friends.  There are people I know at work.  But I wouldn't really consider them my friends.  They don't even have my phone number. 

I got to thinking about that word and what it means to me in respect to my blog.   I started My Journey Back at a time that I was
really lonely.  I've used this photo for my header and in my posts a lot.  It represents how I feel a lot. 

It's not what I want but it is what it is.  I don't have a closeness with
anyone.  No girlfriends to call up and meet for lunch. 
I hope when i reach their age, i have good friends still around to enjoy moments like these ;-)
That's why my blog is important to me.  Meeting people through my blog gives me a chance to find new friends. 

Hahaha, me on the scale. Zesipho with the advice.
Sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on. 

Sometimes I just need a sounding board.

Sometimes I need someone to ask 'How was your day.'
I've been thinking about this post and how to write it for awhile. 

How to share my heart without being whiney and at the same time express how I feel.  

                                 My blog is important to me.  .
The sweet friends that visit and leave a comment brighten my day.

My visitors.  My followers.  You are my Close.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fabulous Fall Linky Pumpkin Party

Welcome . . .
 to another week of the Fabulous Fall Linky Party
This week I thought I would do something a little different and suggest a topic . . .
It's the month of Pumpkins and I know you all are decorating with these wonders . . .
Maybe doing a little cooking . . .
Maybe like me your looking for a few good ideas for decorating! 
Or maybe just dreaming about someday. 
That's where the fun of the party comes in.  I love reading your posts and getting ideas from you so. . .  

Come over and join the Party.  Now here's the great news the only rule is your post must be Fall themed. (Please save your Halloween posts for another party.)   It doesn't have to be Pumpkin themed but the good news is if it is Pumpkin themed then you'll be automatically entered in a give a way that I will do at the end of October! 
Oh gosh I just noticed that my 199th Follower just joined.  I am so excited to get new Followers and Friends!  Welcome everyone. 
                #200 something special is in store for you!

And now on with the Party!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Blue Frozen/Cupcakes

My DIL posted this on FB yesterday.  Perfect for Blue linky parties . . .

She is much more confidant than I was at that time.  I never would have attempted this without a pattern! She rarely uses a pattern!

A little Mosaic of a fun activity . . .
Trust me there's Blue a little hard to see here . . .
I can see the wheels turning in his head.  He can't wait for me to say; 'Do you want to lick the beaters?' 

And of course his answer was 'Yes'.  I showed this pic to his mother that afternoon.  She just smiled and said 'Like mother, like son!'

It's a family tradition I remember doing the same thing! 

              Hope your week is Blessed and Happily Blue! 

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A completely new Party will begin on Wednesday with a twist. 
Through the month of October link your Pumpkin photos!  You
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Sleepover at Debra's

The Fabulous Fall linky party was such fun this week.  There were some great posts!   I've had such fun visiting new friends!  

It was a looooong week and I am ready for some down time and a Sleepover at a friends place.  Tonight I am visiting the sweet Debra
at MsMoozy's Open House

She was so sweet to invite me over.   Debra had the welcome mat out and I was greeted as I stepped onto the front porch . . .
I was running a little late.  Everyone got tired of waiting on me.  A little cat nap was in order during the wait! 

The lovely porch was so inviting . . .
What a lovely vignette of beautiful fall mums and pumpkins. 
Debra was waiting with the lovely front door open . . .

I just loved the beautiful Fall wreath . . .
What a lovely entry way.  I've wanted to do a wall of letters. 
I couldn't wait to see what drew me here . . .
The little green witch waited in the entry way . . .

After a long trip I was ready to have few minutes to put my feet up.  I was waiting to sit in this comfy chair . . .
And it was just as comfy as I imagined.  I love the Fall pillow. 
And the view of the amazing coffee table . . .
I had been waiting to see this treasure up close and personal.  A coffee table made from a pallet.  How creative!  It was just just lovely!

And I was waiting to chat and share a few secrets like where she
found these cute little pumpkins. 

We chatted into the wee hours about our favorite blogs. 

 It was a wonderful visit.   

Thanks Debra for linking at The Fabulous Fall linky party and inviting me to share your weekend!

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Sewing Room Saturday

Stopping by to wish you a Happy Day. 

 I hope your day is Sweet Amanda’s Books and More
 and filled with the beauty of the Outdoors take a few pics and share with Judith on Monday.   Enjoy your Favorite Critter today!
And link up!

I'm taking a day of from my fun linky parties to spend the day in my sewing room AKA closet.  I have a commission quilt I am working on and I need to focus! 

So no thoughts of Sweetness, Critters or the outdoors at least for this morning! 
BTW. . . I really can't stay away I'll probably be by during the day visiting.  And cleaning up the blog!  I notice a few links not working! 
If you want to see where  I am Click Here for a tour of my closet!

See you soon . . .

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alphabet Thursday S is for Smiles

Sharing with Jenny for Alphabet Thursday Letter "S"

My first thought was Smile . . .
Sharing a few Smiles that make me Smile.  I hope you enjoy . . .

Very cheesy!  A proud boy making cupcakes . . .
I am so happy when I get him to smile for the camera
The Cowboy would kill me for sharing this don't tell him but I couldn't help it these are beautiful smiles!
I've shared this one before but couldn't help sharing it for this post!
Caught him again and with his beautiful mama . . .

This one is a couple of years old.  He loves this shirt!  Same as the first shot!
And my absolute favorite.  This shot was taken when he was 3. 

And one more can't leave out this sweet smile . . .
My sweet girl smiling for me! 

These are the smiles that make my day.  Thanks for letting me share them! 

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fabulous Fall/Holiday Store

I happened onto this Fabulous store while searching for
Vintage cards . . .
Thanksgiving-Top-2013.jpg (640×423)

Click Here to visit.  I sure could find some Fabulous items here!

I want one!  Now that's Fabulous!

A Fabulous wool tree skirt.  I've always wanted to make alot
easier to buy one!

The shop is filled with Fabulous Holiday decorating items.
Including name brands.  And, you can buy online! 

I'm goin' shopping!  After I visit my favorite linky parties!

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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day
Word of the Month Love