Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday--Texas Style

Just sayin'

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Alphabet Thursday---J is for Joy

I can't help but share the Joy with you.  What better capture for letter J? 
I couldn't decide whether to do this one first or last!  When I thought Letter J this is the first thing that came to mind after I thought of my daughter . . .

Since I am celebrating Christmas in July (oh that's another J word!) to celebrate my new linky party I thought a few Christmasy Joyful pics would work . . .
That's some yummy Joy!
I adore this one . . .

I can imagine that what this one looks like all decorated!
Beautiful display of Joy

And one more because these faces bring me Joy
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Wordless Wednesday

I was invited to join a linky today.  (new to me!)

It's supposed to be Wordless.....I guess I will just have to write a Wednesday Filled With Words post.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Christmas Light Tour Part One

One of our favorite things to do is to have a Date Night and look at Christmas decorations in the little town where Cowboy works. 

Have you ever heard of Grapevine, Texas?  It's a small little town near us with lots to see and do. 

Here are a few shots from one of our dates . . .

We start out in the early evening.  Touring the shops and window shopping.  I take tons of pics!

He thought he was being funny pretending to be sleeping while I was browsing.  We usually don't spend anything on these dates.  Other than our meal.  Sometimes we even go meal less!
I love this tree.  I get a lot of ideas from seeing trees in stores!

Love this Merry Christmas Ya'll sign with the big 'ole Texas!

Last year they had Santa's workshop.  The displays change every

One year it was Polar Express.  We hadn't seen the movie.  And they had the train on display.  All the children and teenagers and some adults were walking around in Pajama's we didn't get it! 

There is a beautiful gazebo right in the middle of town.  There's always something going on around the little park area . . .

It's beautiful at Christmas!

Grapevine is a great place to visit.   Look for my follow up post featuring the Grapevine Christmas Parade. 

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Count Down To Christmas Linky #2

Welcome to . . .
                          Count Down To Christmas #2

I am so Happy to invite you to join me!  Feel free to share any
Christmas related post.  It doesn't have to be new. 

In fact beginning on August 1 to celebrate Christmas in August
I am going to be linking some of my favorite Christmas posts that I have found in blog land. 

I'll be sharing why Christmas in August is a special time for me.
Can you guess why?

                And now one of very favorite Christmas photos!  
On of my favorite pics.  I love the look of Joy on his face.  This was his Christmas party at his preschool when he was 3! 
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Fruity Cupcakes--Kid Approved

I tried something a little different after watching an episode of Chopped on the food channel. I love Chopped BTW.

So I had some cereal leftover from the grandsons visit.  Not one I particularly care to eat.

So I found a way to use it . . .

On Chopped they had taken cereal and ground it up. So I thought why not put in my cake batter? I searched for a recipe and found one in my old stand by cookbook . . .
Betty's recipe called for a lemon cake mix and frozen orange juice. 
I had a white cake mix and no orange juice.  So I thought why not use the Fruit Loops cereal that was sitting in my pantry?  
It was a bit of a challenge  pulling out the marshmellows but smashin' up the cereal and adding to the cake batter turned out great!  

I frosted with just a simple butter frosting.  Everyone loved them!

Do you have some cereal that needs to be eatin?  Why not try something a little different with it?   

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Inspire Me Monday--A Photo Sizing Posting Tutorial

The other day a blogger friend posed the question? 
How do you change the size of your pictures.
She was having a problem with them being too big and 'bleeding' into her side bar. 
Like this . . .
I played around with the size of this one and stretched it so you could see was I was talking about. 
How about if your photo is too small?
I shrunk this one a little to show you what I mean. 
I learned by trial and error how to fix this problem. 
I have no training.  I haven't taken any classes or read any books.
I have learned from trial and error and reading other blog tutorials. My wording may not be correct.  
I don't use the default setting on the sizing that blogger offers.
Small, medium and large.  Unless I forget and don't preview my post before I am finished with it. 
Even if you use the default you can still change the size. 
Here's how you do it. 
1.  Write your post in Compose.   Until you get the hang of
re-sizing only write a few lines and import a photo. 
2. Once you've added your photo.  Switch to HTML. 
You'll see something like this . . ." imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">
" height="240" width="620" />
You'll want to look for the area (at the bottom in the example) that has the words height and width.    Like this:
    height="240" width="620"
This is so easy you'll wonder why didn't I figure this out. 
I'll answer that.  Your just afraid.  Yep.  I was but I bit my tongue and figured I can't mess it up too bad.  If your still a little nervous you can always click the 'save' option before you go further. 
But if you took my advise and only wrote a few lines then if you mess it up you have lost an entire post.
But trust me it's simple and it works!
Ok back to it. 
height="240" width="620" />
All you need to do is change these numbers. 
I have found that for the look I want my photo's to be between  "450" and "500" High.  And about "525-550" wide.
You just change the numbers.  It is as simple as that. 
Here's an example with the first photo...
First the original photo before I stretched it.
 Here's the original photo and sizing. . . height="240" width="320"
A little too small? Let's change it a little . . .
Changed to:  " height="440" width="520"  
 So that's how I do it.  I've done it so much that now I write my entire post before I bother to change sizes.  Its really very easy once you practice. 
Hope this helps and Inspires you to Re-size your photos!
Did you notice my photo's are from Christmas? 
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Blue Monday a Blue Blogger Tour

Good Morning.  It is Blue Monday again.  I thought today I would do something a little different.   And a Mosaic of Blue Bloggers.

A Blue Blogger Tour
Meet Rebekah of . . .
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 Next up the fabulous 

Tex at Run A Round Ranch Report . . .
Tex is rarely Blue.  She has a fun upbeat blog filled with fabulous photo's from around the ranch.  But her Linky party picture is Blue so here she is.  Click Here to visit!

And another favorite . . .

Debbie Dabble because her Blog name is in Blue.  Debbie shares her amazing house that she has decorated beautifully!
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Another fun Blog with great decorating, tips and topics.
And a great name . . .
Love her name!  Click Here to visit.

And a few pics. from my Christmas files . . .
Our Christmas's aren't Blue around here!

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Making My Saturday Sweeeeeeeeeeeet

My Saturday is or will be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
At least later tonight!  Right now I am taking a break from laundry,
scrubbing and moving things around. 
Living in a small space with treasures from a Big space I am constantly moving things.
Today my chore was taking down the July 4th tablescape.
And finding someplace to store all the goodies!   Click Here to see my counter/bar tablescape.  

I am trying to tidy everything up because our daughter and grandson are coming over to go to dinner tonight! 

Although it is a beautiful day here.  We won't be on the water.
We are going to our favorite 'old time' Mexican Resturant. 

This has been one of our family favorites for years and years! 

I am happy and blessed that tonight our grandson will be with us! 
And, he's spending the night, going to church with us tomorrow
and we're all meeting back up for breakfast at a new local favorite.
I'll be taking lots and lots of pics! 
Hope your day is Happy and your Saturday Sweeeeeeeeet


Friday, July 18, 2014

Five MInute Friday--Bloom

Joining Lisa Jo and her 'Flash Mob' of bloggers.  Writing from a prompt for 5 Minutes with no editing, spell check, backtracking, worrying. 

Today's prompt: Bloom


I rarely add pics to my 5 Minute Friday post but I  had to this time!  This quilt I called Bloom.
I made it for my daughter and gave it to her during the time she was filing for divorce. 
Of course it was a joy to make for her.   She was going through a really difficult time. 
I knew God had a plan for her and our grandson but when your in the middle of times like that it's just hard to see through to the other side and the good and wonderful things God has for you. 
Bloom where your planted is common saying.  We've all heard it.  And it is such an encouraging
idea.  Sometimes it is difficult to feel like you can Bloom when your in a bad or sad situation. 
Our daughter could have very easily 'given up' hope.  But she didn't she persevered and trusted God. 
She worked hard to be the best mother she could be.  Indeed she Bloomed in so many ways.
I told her last week that I am prouder of her than she knows. 
The last 4 years have been hard.  Very hard.  For a Christian it was difficult for her to even consider divorce.  Just as a person she didn't want to have that title.  But, God gave her the strength to take that step. 
God provided amazing opportunities for her.  A place to live.  An awesome job doing exactly what she wants to do.  She is definitely Blooming! 

And now after over 4 years of drama, stress and fear she is finally able to relax and Bloom where God has planted her. 
Click Here to read one of my recent posts about the struggles and challenges and Praises.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good Fences They Make Me Smile

Some of my favorite Fence photo's

 Cowboys and fences . . . they make me smile . . .
Nothing cuter than a little Cowboy on a fence . . .
I'm lovin' me some Cowboys and Fences!

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Alphabet Thursday with Jenny Letter I

Sharing today Inspirations from Pinterest . . .

I am inspired to try this table . . .

Inspiration is all over Pinterest.   Lovin' this idea . . .

I would love a message board like this in my kitchen . . .

I need ideas to recover my favorite chair.  Inspiration!  I love this one!

And perfect for us a Letter L wall...great Inspiration . . .

Lastly I love, love, love this chair.

So where does your inspiration come from?

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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day
Word of the Month Love