Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fire And Ice--Book Review

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Page turner.  I couldn't put it down.  This is actually the second book by this author that I have reviewed.
I enjoyed this story straight from the beginning.

The third book in the series jumped right into the story of Bailey and Gage.  And started with gunshots as Bailey tried to caution Gage from coming onto 'her' land.  Gage wants to 'talk' Bailey isn't interested in talk.  She wants to be left alone.  

Their story takes twists and turns as Gage is threatened by an unknown enemy that he originally assumes is Bailey.  And then Gage's mommy comes to town and the fireworks really start.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this installment in the series.

My horizons have been broadened as I'm really not much of a fan of  Historical Romances but the author has won me over.

I was impressed with the authors ability to share faith without being overly 'pushly'.  The trials and hardships that each of the two main characters faced in their pasts bore heavily on their faith.  Bailey's story and her own struggle with forgiveness was told in a way that was deeply moving to me.   While including humor
along with the story line the author does a fantastic job of weaving humor, romance and faith together into a believeable story.

I would recommend this book to any age.  

I normally would provide the info. from the back cover of the book but in this case I think it gives away a little too much about the story.

I found a few reviews and want to share a few thoughts from other reviews.  The following reviews can be found on Good Reads

. . . She is incredibly talented at creating characters that are flawed and lovable and frustrating and endearing! I love all of the humor and faith she infuses into her stories. She pulls me right into the historical setting and I’m not content until I find out what exactly happens to the main characters.

. . .This was the first book I have read by Mary Connealy. I LOVED IT! I had a few of her other books I had gotten on Amazon and just hadn't gotten around to reading yet. I didn't really know what to expect from her. But I was impressed! She has great detail and really draws you into the story. The only disappointment I had was that this was book three in the series and I had not read books one and two. It can be a stand-alone book, I was not at all lost.

This book can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at Christian Book Dot Com

For more info visit the authors Fan Page on Facebook  and the authors website.

Basic publishers info. about the book.
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group 
Publication Date: 10.06/15
Series: Wild at Heart #3
Pages: 336

I received this book free from the publisher for my review.  

Wordless Wednesday

     Pig n' pearls:
                                                     Have a day full of Bling

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Mantle

The Cottage mantle is all ready for Fall  
The Welcome sign is out.  Come on in . . . 

The fun Welcome sign was a thrifted treasure. I paid a whole .99 at a local resale shop.  
It's hand made and I am sure someone put in a lot of effort.  It needed a a good home! It fit right in.

I wanted a shot to remember the flowers.  My sister gave them to me a few weeks ago.  They've lasted since September 16.  She was in town for our mothers birthday.  I cooked dinner for everyone and she graciously brought me this lovely bouquet.
Isn't the sign fun?  My sweet DIL made it.  She sent it along with 'dress up' photos.  I'll show them soon. 
Another shot with the almost spent flowers.  The leaf garland I paid too much for it at Big Lots a few years ago.  Before the days of Dollar Tree.  The crochet is actually a tunic I wear.  Well not for a while
I love the added texture and all smished and smushed up who would have known. 
One more shot showing my 'dumpster candle sticks' and yes BJ these were actually in the dumpster not beside it!  They were brown with some sad other colors of paint.  I left them that way for awhile and then assigned The Cowboy the job of painting them silver.  
The tall vase was a wedding present to my daughter from a dear friend.  She regifted it to me.  It was originally a very pretty blue.  But I love it silver.  She is clueless it was originally hers. 
I moved things around a little to get a good shot of the bird feeder (I think). Love it.  Not a dumpster dive but almost a neighbor was moving out of state and she gave me a bunch of stuff she no longer needed and didn't want to ship.  Poor little thing has been sitting in my garage.  It's kind of tall.  I originally tried it on the kitchen sink but it was too tall.  It fits the mantle perfectly. 

And one more shot.  I've never shared about the mirror . . . 
Gifted (under duress) from my MIL she was in the antique biz for a few years.  She bought it at an auction.  I begged for it forever and she finally gave it to me.  I also begged for every mantle she had.  She never found the need to let me have one
The Cowboy ended up buying this one last year for my bday.   I took the day off from work to go and pick it up with him.  It was a steal at $35.00.  I don't really think its old but it doesn't matter to me.

                         In any season.  I love my mantle.  
           Wait till you see what she looks like at Christmas!

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Decorating With Freebies

I love a Freebie.  This week I brought home a few things from work that were on the way to the dumpster . . . 
Couldn't resist this ribbon will look soooo good in my kitchen!
Of course I had to grab the Blue
Both ribbons are a little sad looking but once I get them off them straightened out and rolled up they be all good as new and ready for decorating my little cottage.
I'm not really sure what exactly I'll do with the wreaths but I figure you can't have too many.  And I did 'save' them!
Not a fan but the elements are good and perfect for a Metamorphis!
I just love Freebies!  I wonder what might be by the dumpster?

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Late But . . .

I'm late sharing my Sunday Sketch today . . .
I am working on a Christmas present for my daughter.  It'll kind be like a page a day calendar.
That means I need 365!  Wow.  I need to get busy!

I've been working on a lot of backgrounds.  I'm learning to paint with water colors.  Here's my attempts . . .

I love the way this turned out.  The blue is bubble wrap.  I'll add scripture later.
Another heart with a few doodles.  I love how the colors blend and run into each other.
Another water color.  This time on a piece of velum.  Love the way this it turning out!

And, I did do an actual sketch this week . . .
I am so in love with this drawing.  I am almost afraid to add anything to it.  I love it the way it is.
I actually feel accomplished with this one.  (If I showed you all my attempts you'd agree!)

Today I a linking with Alexandra over at Sunday Sketch.  I'm inspired and supported in my new passion!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ready To Quilt

I spent the day at the sewing machine.  My favorite way to spend a Saturday.
Here's what I made . . . 
All ready to quilt. Did you spend your day doin' something fun?

Fall has arrived in our part of Texas.  Enjoying the cooler temps.  
I'm buried in the sewing room.  

                   Have a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday--Day Night

                                                     Have a Good Day 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fabulous Fall Party

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Fun Blue

Sharing some fun with Sally for Blue Monday . . .

80-Year-Old Man Builds A Dog Train To Take Rescued Stray Dogs On Adventures:
This photo caught my eye because it was so sweet.  As an animal lover I couldn't help but check it out.
The gentleman driving this fun Blue train is the creator and developer all for wagging tails of rescued dogs.


There is some good left.  Sometimes we just have to look for it.

Have a Great Week!

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

When The Rooster Crowed/Book Review

The children laugh and giggle each time Farmer Albert 
is called to "Wake Up!"
When The Rooster Crowed by Patricia Lillie is a wonderful childrens book.  Perfect for preschoolers!

The book is beautifully illustrated by Nancy Winslow Parker are fun yet each animal looks real.

As each of the farmers animals wake up and restlessly ask for their breakfast the rooster crows.

And Farmer Albert who must have had a hard, long and tiring week asks " 10 more minutes."
Then each time counting down till he finally has to give up and feed the animals.
The story beautifully tells about all the animals on the farm.

This book is perfect to read with a Preschooler.  The children loves when the reader makes the
individual sounds of each animal.

And when the Farmers Wife calls him loudly down for breakfast!

How about a peak inside . . .

                                            Found on Youtube
Although this fabulous book is out of print the illustrators website has a link to inquire for purchase.
Click here.
The book is available through amazon.  Click here.

There's plenty of time to find a copy for your special little one for Christmas!

              The review of this book is my opinion.  I was not asked to review it by anyone.   
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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Good Fences/Guest Ranch

I've missed visiting and joining Tex at Good Fences.  So I thought today I would borrow a few and introduce you to a great place to vacation.
If your thinking about a trip to Wyoming plan on visiting the Bill Cody Ranch in Wapiti Valley, Wyoming . . .
I found some great fences . . .
I always love to find an excuse to include a horse in my post!

Jim Mountain, Wapiti, Wyoming:

A little scenery around the area the Shoshone National Park . . .

The view behind the Wapiti Lodge.  You can barely see the fence.

Our favorite family vacation was the year trip to Wyoming and South Dakota.
Although we didn't stay at a guest ranch we loved every minute!

What a fabulous room!  Next week I'll share this gem with you.  Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Happy Fall Ya'll . . .


                                               Have a Good Day

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fabulous Fall Party

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Sand, Sea And . . .

It was a beautiful day spent on the beach.  The last day of a wonderful end of summer vacation.
We walked along feeling the warm sand on our feet and ocassionally felt the water cover our toes as the tide rolled gently in.  
Of course we had to collect sand and seashells . . . 
We walked along.  Holding hands and every once in awhile he would pull me over for a . . . 
We looked across the beach at the little cottage that was our retreat . . . 
And then we saw her.  We'd caught glimpses everyday.  She was always there and then she wasn't. 
But today on our last day she stood there.  We just stared at her as she watched us.  And then . . . 
. . .she turned her face  back to the sea and she was gone.

But . . . we took lots of pics!   And we brought her home . . . T:
Added her to our mantle display . . . 
And thats when we noticed that her Grandma Mermaid must have followed us home!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Sketch

I've missed a couple of weeks sharing with you my sketches for my daughters Christmas present.
And I've missed the fun sketch party over at the Sunday Sketch linky at Alexandra's.
This one is another rough draft.  But I am planning on including her for sure.
                    Can't decide if I should give her a face or not.  Not to good with faces or hands.  
The little candle light at the bottom is cut from a greeting card.  I will be adding some more water colors for
the background after I finish the work on her arms and hands.

Along with finishing up some quilt projects, company this week and work.  I haven't gotten as much done on the sketching as I would have liked.
I am still practising my lettering.  And it's getting a little better.  And, I've decided how I will put it all together for her present this year    Last year I just did the group of sketches and put them on a clip board.

This year I want to do kind of a journal/book idea with more texture.  This is all new to me and ohhhh
soooo much fun.                                      

                            I hope you've enjoyed sharing my little light today.  Have a great week.

                      Come by tomorrow to link Fall themed posts!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Finished It

Finished it  I couldn't be happier!
What difference would it make in your life if you had an absolutely unshakable confidence in your ability to achieve anything you really put your mind to?:
Yes!  I did it!  Check it out . . .
So sorry this is blurry.  Do you mind?   The pillows are our colors and 'look' Goes with our bed.
                             The lavender isn't our thing.  So I decided to fix that.
This is a down filled comforter.  I've been thinking for months about what to do with it.  This week
I was in my sewing closet.   And I noticed a bolt of fabric.  And, it was like someone turned on a light because I finally figured out what to do!
Yes. . .
I had been thinking for awhile I wanted to make a duvet cover for the throw.  This fabric lept out at me
said 'use me. use me.'  I've had this bolt.  Yes it is yardage that looks a lot like a ticker tape quilt for ages.  Like from the '90s  I cannot lie I didn't piece these millions of rectangles.  You can't tell from this shot
but this yardage was sewn really, really rough.  The stitching is crooked.  But I think that ads to the charm.
So I think I can call it vintage.
                 I was in a hurry to get this project completed so I crossed my fingers and just went with it.
I started by laying out the duvet and then laying the bolt on top.  I realized I would have to piece it.  You can see the seam in this photo where I pieced it together.

I decided on simple muslin on the back.  My iron was acting up when I was piecing the back.
I wanted a kind of old/aged look so I used different shades of muslin scraps of different sizes from other projects.  It kind gives an old look I think.

I'm a bit of a 'Maverick' I didn't do any math.  I just pieced the top and bottom then laid it back on the
throw and cut it leaving a little extra of course on the edges for a seam.
This was the tricky part.  I really had to think about this.  I wanted the throw to stay inside the cover so I planned to sew all three pieces together.
I laid the top rights sides together with the muslin and then laid them on the throw on top of my bed.
You can see the gray sheet on the bed and the side rail of the bed below.  (My bed is made out of a tree)
I took it to my machine and . . .
Slowly stitched along the last stitching line on the comforters edge.  Notice the muslin hanging off the edge.
I cut it off after sewing all three pieces together.
Some of you might not believe this part and I took a photo to prove it.  This entire project was sewn on a
$100.00 Brother sewing machine from Walmart.
I almost didn't show this photo because my machine is dirty.  And The magnet strip with masking tape looks kind of tacky.
            But I was in a hurry to get this project going!  And I wanted to show you! to brag about my cheap machine!
Once I had the three pieces together.  And I said another Yes because the machine sewed through all those layers.  I pulled the throw out to one side and put the top and muslin together and got ready stitched down the sides.

No pins this time.  I knew I needed the top and bottom to be big enough for the throw to go inside so I used the throw as a mark and then place my trusty magnet strip on the machine for a guide and sewed down the first edge.
Insert another Yes. . . We're on a roll.
One side finished.

Stitched up the other side and stuffed the throw inside.

And I had a finished product.  Yes. Yes. and Yes!
                                 And I cannot be happier!  
So I'm sharing with the Crazy Mom!
And some other linkies because I want to 'Show Off' my Fabulous new vintagie looking quilted throw!  

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