Saturday, July 4, 2015

Our Patriotic Dining Room--Whoaaaaaaaaaaa!

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  I started this post.  And had a few pics. ready but the dining room wasn't quite finished.  Thought I would take finished pics today.

But . . . 
I got a gift! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this . . . 
Can you see it? Over there in the corner?  The little tea cart.  Maybe you can't see it really good here's what it will look like when I am done with it!
"After" - Tea Cart painted with homemade chalk paint using Behr "Pillar  White"     

Tea trolley, perfect for a Spring tea party wedding
I was plannin' on white when I was dreamin' about it.  But ohhh la la!

   vintage tea cart, tea cart, painted tea cart
Oh goodness so many ideas!

                        I got a Tea Cart
                                                                                And it was free
Forgive me I am just Happy....Happy...Happy....I did decorate the dining room.  I didn't quite finished because we got distracted.

But here are a couple of shots to tease you!  I got a tea cart.  Sorry.   Here's part of the dining room . . .


I posted the other day the counter I had started.  I knew I would tweak it because that is what I do.
I added the navy flag fabric.
And this this is what I did this morning before I went to get my tea cart.  Did I tell you . . .
 I got a tea cart!
I made this cute little bunting thingy.  I think it is adorable.  Just adds a little red, white and blue to my horse
theme mantle.

Well.  That is all I have for now.  I will be back with the complete dining room including the
  tea cart!
                 Hope your 4th is Fabulous!
                             Happy Trails

Patriotic Critters

Happy July 4th                     
   Sharing a few Patriotic Critters . . .       
This dog that's draped in the American flag.
                                   These two bloodhounds.                         This parrot.        This cat that covers itself with patriotism.
This chihuahua with an epic 'murica hat.
This yellow lab.
Even this dolphin is getting in on all the 4th of July America feels.This Uncle Sam cat.
This dog that's resting in a sea of American flags.
This bulldog who's readying itself for a transatlantic flight to prove America's dominance.
The above images found on BuzzFeed
                                Happy Trails
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Friday, July 3, 2015

A Few Blocks/Decorating Sneak Preview

I came out of the closet because my stomach is growling .  This is gonna be lunch . . .

Just a plain 'ole hot dog and fries.  I don't know when the last time was that I had a hot dog.  We were at the grocery the other day and I just had a cravin'

But before I feed my face thought I would share a couple of pics .  First a few blocks I finished . . .
Next a few center squares ready for borders . . .
And a few photo's of my July 4th decorating . . .
This is just a teaser.  It didn't end up like this. Hehe.
But here's the finished counter.  (I think I'm always tweaking) . . .
Dawng it!  I thought I had everything all spiffy.  Do you see my orange cup and straw? Duh.  Well pretend it isn't there.  In the far top is a commission quilt I'm working on.  I was going to move it but it is denim and fits so it's part of my display.

I've realized lately just how O.C.D. I am so I have to point out to you that chairs look crooked but they are not.  Well they are but that is how the are made.  The are made out of trees not lumber.  The bottom edges are touching the counter.  But you can see the backs are not even.

Wanna see some really goofy chairs . . .
                           Now that's an interesting tablescape.  See ya.  Later.
                                Happy Trails.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I've Been Beckond . . .

I can't get this quilt out of my mind . . .
I have a mess of 4 1/2" sguares all cut and ready.  And I have a bijillion scraps!  What's a girl to do?
                                     I am lockin' myself away in my closet sewing room and creating!
Yep that is exactly what I am doin'!  I  have Friday off and I am putting myself into therapy.

But, I will be back when I need a little break because you've got to see my house all ready for the 4th.
See ya later!
                                                                  Happy Trails

They Just Make Me Happy . . .

Fences. They make Tex happy.  I enjoyin' makin' Tex happy.  But I really enjoy what
is behind the fences . . .

So we were driving to church on Sunday and I saw the perfect shot.  But I didn't have my phone out and I was on the other side of the car.

This is the shot I got an hour and a half later . . .                      
And then The Cowboy whistled . . .
                                    Precious in my sight
The shot I missed he was closer to the fence standing looking straight on across the road at the neighbor horses.  

So you know what I am doing next Sunday?  I plan to have my phone in my hand ready for a shot!

Well since I've got PicMonkey open I think I'll play around a little . . . 

                                                        I Heart the Neighbors
     Oh he's so cute.  Isn't Pic Monkey fun.  I really want to make a mosaic but with only a couple of shots.
Hmm.  How about a few friends?
A couple of shots from my archives.  

I enjoy playing with PicMonkey to display my photo's a little more artsy.  
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Vintage July 4th

A few vintage images . . .



                                                    Happy Trails
                                                                                                  Art to Heart - ART SOLD

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Red, White and Blue Quilts

 I wonder how many Red, White and Blue quilts I can find?
                                             God Bless America Pillow - I can stitch something like this myself - $84 seems like a lot for a pillow, even one as cute as this
I thought this one would be fun to start with.  The  photo is actually displaying the pillow.  Which is
gorgeous in it's own right.  But I love the quilt.  Simple and yet warm and cuddly.  I love the stripe binding.
Did you notice the chair? Adorable!

                               I have always wanted to make a Patriotic Quilt - this one is great inspiration!
I think this one is breathtaking!  I love it.  I've seen the pattern before.  I love this star block.  It is
very simple to make.  The center applique just makes the quilt don't you think?  If you visit the site
there are a lot more quilts to see!

I  love quilts.  I love making quilts.  Making quilts is my therapy.  If I haven't sat at my machine and played with fabric for awhile I get well it's not pretty!

patriotic red white and blue log cabin #quilt in a barn raising setting
A classic block.  The log cabin.  Super simple and fun!  I don't think quilts are just for beds.  And Blue ribbons are not important to me.  I think a quilt needs to be used and loved.
                       Quilt Shops In Missouri | mom has been busy as a bee whipping out quilts left and right we are ...
I love that this one is photographed on a porch.  I could see this hanging outside to celebrate the 4th.

                                   Make a quick-to-assemble patriotic picnic throw or cozy cottage twin-size bed quilt from your favorite scrappy assortment of red, white, and blue prints.
Another super simple choice.  Love it with the denim chair.  Quilts just make a room homey.
Inscribed over the chapel doors at the United States Naval Academy, Non sibi sed patriae-Not for self but for country-is a simple but powerful statement. This quilt, Non Sibi Sed Patriae, was made by Tony Jacobson in honor of Seaman First Class Vernon C. Gaworski, who served on the U.S.S. Aaron Ward.                   
                      Source                                                                                    Source
I would love to have this many Red, White and Blue quilts.  I guess I need to get the sewing machine  out.
I hope you enjoyed this collection.  There are lots and lots more quilts you can find on Pinterest ad Google.

 I think I am going to go sew some red fabric.  Have a great 4th!  Oh come back tomorrow for some cool vintage images.
                                                            Happy Trails 

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day
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