Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Valentine For You

. . .
        Sweet Blessings: John 3:16 Valentines FREE Printables:

Simple Sunday


May your weekend be Blessed.
"The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. The will take great delight in you, he will
quiet you wiht his love, he will rejoice over you with singing." 
Zephaniah 3:17

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pink Saturday

I stumbled across a couple of photo's today that I couldn't help but 
play around with. 
Here's a little pink . . . 

                         Happy Valentines Day

Are you having a special Valentines Date?  I'm hosting a fun 
party it begins On Valentines Day.    
Write a post about a Special Date Night or Date Day and link 

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And before I go a little sneak peek at my Valentines Dinner Date
Decorations . . . 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Date Night Linky Party Starts Sunday

Let's celebrate our Valentine and share our special dates.  
A few years ago I ran a linky party in the Fall for Date night.
But why not celebrate during the month of Love . . .
                                   Date Night
Feel free to share any post old or new.  Tell us all about your date special date ideas.  Frugal or over the top!  
The link will be open on Valentines Day and run till the end of the month!  
Come over and join the party. 

This is a no rules party well maybe a couple . . .
Please stay on topic 
Please only include family friendly posts. 
And a little fine print.  Please be advise if your post is linked that I would like to repost including your photos or share your post for a future Date Night post.  I will either email or comment on your blog if your post is chosen.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Good Fences/Sorta

Sharing some of my Sunday friends.  Each week I see this herd 
of cows as we go to church. 
Some days they are on the road.   This is why . . . 
                        Good Fences:
A little fence work needs to be done.  I guess the farmer isn't too
worried this road goes straight through his property.
Better Fence:
They are always very curious when we stop.  I'm sure they are looking for a little snack.
Good Fences/Cows:
I don't want to meet this guy on the road. 
Occasionally they manage to get to the grass on the other side of the fence.   
And if the timing is right we see the farmer in his old battered truck with a couple of  youngins'  walking behind the truck carrying a feed bucket luring them back in. 

And btw.  It's ok. to drive down the road.  But don't pull up to the gate.  I hear he comes out with a shot gun.   

                      It is Texas after all 

The Pirate Queen--Book Review

Treasure is found in the most unlikely places.
The envy of all her friends, wife and mother Saphora Warren is the model of southern gentility and accomplishment. She lives in a beautiful Lake Norman home, and has raised three capable adult children. Her husband is a successful plastic surgeon--and a philanderer. It is for that reason that, after hosting a garden party for Southern Living magazine, Saphora packs her bags to escape the trappings of the picturesque-but-vacant life. 

Saphora’s departure is interrupted by her husband Bender’s early arrival home, and his words that change her life forever: I’m dying. 
Against her desires, Saphora agrees to take care of Bender as he fights his illness. They relocate, at his insistance, to their coastal home in Oriental—the same house she had chosen for her private getaway. When her idyllic retreat is overrun by her grown children, grandchildren, townspeople, relatives, and a precocious neighbor child, Saphora’s escape to paradise is anything but the life she had imagined. As she gropes for evidence of God's presence amid the turmoil, can she discover that the richest treasures come in surprising packages?

This seemed like an interesting read to me.  A little bit of a departure from my typical choice.    I was offered this book to review and so in order broaden my horizons I accepted it.  

It was as I expected a little hard to keep up with.  For me it wasn't a fast or an easy read.  
The  Pirate Queen is a story that weaves together forgiveness and grace.  

Here are a few editorial reviews . . . 
The Pirate Queen is a poignant, inspiring tale of finding faith, hope, and love in the midst of loss. Patricia Hickman, you owe me a box of tissues!”
—TAMARA LEIGH, author of Leaving Carolina and Nowhere, Carolina
The Pirate Queen drew me in from the first page and surrounded me. Hickman breathes life into her characters as they experience some of life’s greatest joy and greatest sorrow. Through it all, Hickman reminds us the God of hope is in control.”
—RACHEL HAUCK, co-author of The Sweet By and By and author of Dining with Joy
“Patricia Hickman’s The Pirate Queen took me by surprise. At the start, I thought I was reading a Southern-style Danielle Steel. Then I found I was settling into a one-of-a-kind family drama. Tender, compelling, outstanding. A book you’ll want to share with your friends, your best friends.”
—LYN COTE, author of Her Abundant Joy

The book is available at Amazon.  You can read more reviews there. 
It is also available at Barnes and Noble and Family Christian Book Stores

I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for my review. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Warm Heart Wednesday/More Than A Friend

A few years ago I wrote a few posts called More Than A Friend.
I enjoyed writing about a few blog land friends.  
Now a few years later I have many more friends.  I'm so thankful for you guys that come by every week and visit and comment. 
Iwish we could get together in 'real life' and visit and eat, have a glass of wine and go shopping.  

                  Just like we girls do with our girl friends.  
              But, this group of girl friends are long distance.  

I enjoy visiting you guys each week.  Sometimes your better friends than I am.  You visit me and I miss coming by your sweet little blog homes.  I really need to get more organized.    I' m working on visiting more.  It's not that I don't want to I just actually forget.  
                                                        I need a list.  And so with all that said I'm making a few changes to the blog.  I've been thinking about this for awhile.  

The thing is.  I write to reach you.  To share myself with you.  
To meet you and get to know you so we can be friends.  
                                                      So over the next few days you'll see some changes.  I hope you enjoy them.  One of the things I'll be changing is adding my friends list back to my sidebar.  I haven't decided exactly how but soon you'll be seeing your blog listed on my blog!  

I've always enjoyed the bloggers that have friends lists.  That's how I've found some great friends.  Like Daisy's friends Mitch and Molly.  I found them over at Becky's at Sweet Cottage Dreams.  I'm so glad I clicked on the link.  They've been sweet friends!   I love visiting them each week.  And love their visits and comments.  
Thank you Mitch and Molly for being great friends!

Do you have a special blog friend you want to acknowledge and share a little love?  
I found some darling vintage Valentines to share with you and your friends.    Grab couple and share the Love.

                        Happy Valentines Day 

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kissed by a Cowboy--Book Review

I had to giggle when I was offered this book for review.  
All my readers know that my husband is referred here on the blog as The Cowboy.  

I enjoyed the story line in this fun little book.  It's a little bit of the typical story of boy meets girl.  Boy runs from girl/romance.  
Girl gets married/divorced and comes back to town and that's kind of where the typical ends . . . 
The story of Rancher Jarrod and Cassidy's budding long overdue 
romance is charming, funny and eventful.  
Jarrod's character is strong, stoic and exasperated with Cassidy's 
stubbornness.  Her quirkiness keeps him on his toes.
Their romance is woven around her plans to open a Bed and Breakfast and Jarrod's own struggle of running the family ranch while his cattle are being rustled. 

I loved this modern day Cowboy romance.  

I was a bit sad to see that this is the 3rd and last installment in The Four Of Hearts Ranch series.   I'd love to read books 1 and 2.

It's setting in Wishing Springs, Texas was pure romance for me. 
I'd like to see more of the characters in Wishing Springs.  

On a side note: This book is published as a Christian novel yet it isn't overly 'church ie' feeling which I think might appeal to someone who doesn't normally read this genre.  

And I think that is a good thing. 

Overall this was a fun 4 star read.  

This book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and
Christian Book (dot) com.

Fine Print:
I received this book from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review.

Book Review--A Son's Vow


Book One of   The Charmed Amish Life a series taking place in Charm, Ohio a fictional little town.  The book is complete with a fun little map in the front.  I caught myself looking over the map as the story progressed. 
Book One is the story of a romance between Darla and Lukas. 
They've known each other all their lives growing up as best friends but when a tragedy strikes the town they drift apart. 
The author wove a sweet little romance together with the drama of 
domestic violence.  
This wasn't a story that I felt 'I knew what was going to happen'.
In fact I was pleased and surprised.  I had it all figured out based on the title and boy was I wrong.  
                     Isn't that what makes a good story?
I thoroughly enjoyed this installment and I look forward to the 
opportunity to
I want to know what happens with the sub characters like Hannah that worked as a nanny for an 'English' couple.   And the dog Rose that lived in the neighborhood where Hannah worked. 
                                   I look forward to the installment that tells Hannah's story!

On the negative side.  Yep there is one.  It's personal but I still want to include it. Get it said and be done with.  Personally I thought the inclusion of the Amish words was annoying.  Whew I said it. 
I might be the only one that feels this way.  But I personally didn't think it added to the story or to the realization.  I haven't been around the Amish and I might be totally off here.  But I think one word here and there was just annoying.  Personal opinion. 

One more negative for me. And it's not really negative exactly . . . 

 There was one point in the story.  A little mystery that was hinted at but didn't get solved and isn't really mention as if it will be solved in follow up stories.   
I don't want to give the storyline away.  But I'm just wishin' to find out what happened! 

All in all.  This was a great book.  I started it couldn't put it down. 
                              To me that's a good read.  

So here's my 4 stars for A Son's Vow

This book is widely available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and
Christian Book(dot)com
Here's the fine print . . .
I received this book from the Litfuse Publicity Group for my honest review.

Monday, February 8, 2016

CPR Training

                                                             Image result for cpr
Today I want to share with you a different kind of post. 
As a childcare worker I'm required to have CPR.
                                                                   Image result for cpr
I've taken the course many times.  Always offered through my work, at my work during working hours. 

Now that I am a Nanny I'm required to obtain trainings on my own.
I was in need of re-certification. Honestly I hate to admit it.  I was dreading dealing with the whole idea of going to class and spending an afternoon and the money. 
                                                          Image result for cpr
As I was dreading this whole course thing I looked at classes and locations and the cost.  I began to dread it more.  A normal class is around $35.00-$40.00.  (I dreaded it because since making the decision to nanny I haven't really gotten a job.  So I've had no income for 3 weeks.  I have had a few temp jobs but not enough to 
pay the bills)
 I got to thinking maybe there is an on-line class.  Sure enough there was.  I called the nanny office to find out if the class was acceptable.  And it was! 
Standard – CPR / AED
Only $15.95 
Was $17.95
CPR - Adult / Pediatrics
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
And on sale!  I took the class today.  I'm finished and now current for 2 years.  

Let me encourage you if your like me and you dread taking a class please consider an on-line course.  
                                   Image result for cpr
You never know when you might be put in a situation where you can save someones life!

My husband is a drivers education instructor. Just before Christmas his co-worker had a heart attack while teaching a class. He was the passenger in the car.  The student a 15 year old was driving.  Another 15 year old student was in the back seat observing.  The instructor realized they were in trouble and managed to tell the student to pull over.  The student in the back seat was trained and immediately jumped to the aide of the instructor.  

I was fascinated with this story.  Can you imagine being the parent of that student?  To have the knowledge and be able to make a decision so fast to save someones life!
                If you've never taken CPR may I encourage you to consider a course?  

Just google it.  It's simple to find a course in your area.  Some programs offer groups.  Why not get a group together.  Consider getting your church small group or Ladies group.  Maybe just get your family together.  Do you have teenagers?  

I would suggest if this is your first time take a class.

And, if you've been trained and are in need of re-certification check out  National CPR Foundation.  Click here.  This was a simple 
and fast refresher course.  I finished the course.  Took the test and paid and within moments I had already receive an email confirmation.  A wallet card is being mailed to me.  

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Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather . . .
The sun is shining.  It's a little chilly but it'll warm up nicely. 
It's been a very nice beginning of the year here. 

Right Now I Am . . . 
Sitting at the computer in the living room drinking a Dr. Pepper.
Daisy is at my feet the Cowboy is laying on the couch with his kindle. 

Thinking. . . 
I'm happy I am sitting at my computer at 9:12 in the morning and not on a job.  

On My T.V. 
The Cowboy has been recording movies.  We watched the Wind in The Lion the other night.  It had been a long time since we'd seen it when we were dating.  I feel old. 

On The Menu . . . 
I'm not making a menu this week because I'm trying to clean out my freezer.  
But I know today we are having Beans and Cornbread.  Had some mixed beans in the freezer I pulled out last night.  Oh and ham. 
We got on on sale the other day.  I'll cube some up and put in the beans.  

On My To Do List . . . 
Not working this week so have a lot planned.
Cleaning freezer of left overs/ cooking the leftovers
Painting some frames for Valentines Dinner
Planning and preparing for Valentines Dinner
Work on Heart Quilt blocks
Planting onions and Kale in pots on patio
Tidying, re-arranging etch.

In The Craft Basket . . .
I started this quilt on Friday 
log cabin heart quilt- something different: s
I made two scrappy blocks then remembered I had some fabulous 
pinks.  Got them out and got to sewing.  It's going to be pink. 
Don't know how many I'll make.  We'll see.    

Looking Forward To This Week . . .
Being home.

Looking Around The House . . .
It's about as clean as it ever really gets.  I do need to vacuum
but that could be done 3 times a day!

From The Camera . . . 
My dog is so hard to take pictures of.   She'll stand still for 
Chick Fila and a bowl of milk.  I had to laugh she left a little in the  milk bowl to go back and lick her plate.  Which btw there wasn't anything on the plate the chicken was in the box.  

On My Prayer List . . . 
Praying for Sandra

Bible Verse or Devotional . . . 

                                               Small is the gate and narrow is the road
                                                 that leads to life and only few will find it.
                                                                     Matthew 7:13-14

Shared this one on Sunday.  I loved the verse with this photo.

Well that's my weeks plans.  What do you have planned?

                    Have a Happy Week

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Blue Monday

Our Monday isn't Blue around here.  It's a blessing to see this
smiling face.
This is our grandson.  He's 7 1/2.  Last week he had surgery. 
You can read a little about it here
Long story short after 2 months of recuperation he'll be back to well maybe not running but he'll be on the 'fast track' so to speak. 
We are Blessed and Grateful. 

It's a Happy Blue Monday. Have a Happy Week. 
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunlit Sunday

Joining a new party today.  


                                                Small is the gate and narrow is the road
                                                 that leads to life and only few will find it.
                                                                     Matthew 7:13-14

                   Loved this one for the top of Sunlit Sunday.  
Join me later today for a few more shots and a fun Mosaic to share on Mosaic Monday.  

                              I hope your day is Blessed 
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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Call Of The . . .

Wild?  Nope.  It's the call of the sewing room.  
My little workhorse sewing machine has been whispering to me.

And then the other day I was sitting down working on the Art Journal for my daughter and these teeny tiny little fabric blocks 
chimed in . . . 
They've been sitting in this cute little box for forever. (sorry this shot is blurry) 

I wasn't even thinking about them and then . . . 
Log cabin blocks with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and fussy-cut centers. Wanda Hanson, 2009, Exuberant Color:

I saw this and my heart went pitter patter.  But I kept telling them I'm too busy to sew.  And then this morning I saw this!
log cabin heart quilt- something different:
And crazy person that I am I realized I needed a heart quilt for Valentines Day!  
So the heart pillows I was thinking about making today. Hmm. 
We'll see what happens.  

I might end up making pillows.  I don't have a pattern for this quilt. 
I'm 'winging it' but that's what I usually do. 

Stay tuned...

Oh and this beckoned me too . . . 
What a pleasure it has been to share a month of sewing goodness with you. Today we deliver another designer guest post from Tamara Kate designs. You may remember Tamara from an earlier post where s...::

Oh soo many ideas!  Hope you have a Fabulous Friday!

Friday's Hunt Featuring Letter "F"

Had an idea of what I was going to do for letter "F" then saw this on Facebook!  I had to share it . . . 

This story is in Grit magazine.  This Farm to Table dinner party is to raise money for the local Farmers 

Favorite Photo featuring Faithful Friends and a Faithful God.
Yesterday my grandson had surgery.  One of my daughters friends from church owns a local Farmers Market.  They brought a care package. 
updated:  My daughter work up yesterday with a cold and sore throat. She found this on her porch . . . 

Negative Space . . . 
This prompt was a little hard for me.  Here's what I came up with
My mantle with nothing on it.  I've been planning a post sharing all the areas I normally decorate minus all the Christmas decorations. 
The mantle, the glass shelves, the breakfast bar etc.  This is a sneak preview.  heh

And then I found this I wanted to add.  I wrote a post yesterday for Good Fences this one would have been perfect for that post . . . 

Click here to read my Good Fences post. 

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Over The Good Fences

Sharing a collection of a different kind of fence today . . . 

over the orange fence:

thetaillesseventer:  Such a cool jump! (x):
Great shot of Richard Spooner and Cristallo - very cool jumper jump too! #charleighscookies #jumperland #equestrian:
Cool cross country jump! I think this could be easily done by drilling big holes in a fallen log or even 4x4, then bundling cut grasses (I'd wrap the bases with floral wire) and inserting into the holes.:
And a simple and sweet one . . . 
Sunny Side Up   Age: 15   Height: 12.0   Breed: Welsh Pony   Sex: Gelding   Color: Palomino   Discipline: Hunter   Jumping Ability:...:

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Tomato Plantin Time?

Call me crazy but I'm already thinking about planting tomatoes!
Because The Cowboy bought me this . . . 
Image result for topsy turvy tomato
 Now I'm asking why myself.  Because I'll be planting on our patio which gets the afternoon sun and they'll burn up.  

But I smiled and said thank you.  

All the while wishin'  I could take a pic like this later in the summer
This is my kitchen window from a few summers ago.  We got the chance to live for a few years in an old farm house.  I loved that 
little house.  

And the garden I was able to grow.    It was a good year for a garden.  

My very smart son told me how to cut my tomato plants back in July and keep watering them.  We had fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving.  He's so smart.  

Doubt I'll be able to duplicate that here on the patio but it's worth a try!  I may end up having to hang them on the front porch.  Won't that look lovely.  

Or maybe The Cowboy has finally decided to agree to move and he has a plan for moving before summer!  

I can only hope!  

Oh and if you happen to have any tips on porch gardens let me know!

Before I go I want to thank everyone for the prayers and sweet comments and messages today.  
Surgery went well.  He was indeed a little trooper.  2 months recovery and he should be back to Karate!
Home laying on the couch with the turtle that went through surgery too.  His t.v. remote, the quilt I made for last surgery.  And the kitten he took wrapped in his baby blanket.  He swaddled it! 

He's showing off the blue tape they put on his hand.  He loved that tape.    

He asked the doctor to save the metal hardware they were taking out.  He plans to display it on the mantle!

We're all smiles and Happy.  Thanks for the prayers.

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