Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Childrens Book Review

I couldn't help but use this analogy for the review of this book. 
                 Do witches Make Fishes? by Jason Mayo
You see the whole subject of Halloween just tends to put people on the fence. 
Personally I am sittin' right there with the best of them.  I mean those of us that are o.k.  with the dress up the kids for the Trick r Treat party part of the whole thing. 
I just finished reading this fun little children's book.  It included a cute way of giving kids a lesson in eating healthy.  It is meant for ages 4-8.

I have a personal custom of doing a little research about the books that I review.  I always check to see where they can be bought.  I check to see if the author has a website or I will include the publisher's site.  Because personally I think a lot of times the author or the marketing folk's can do a better job of describing the book than I can.

I have to say I was in some ways  many ways I was pleasantly surprised about this book.  When I finished reading the book I noticed at the end that proceeds were going to charity.  So you know me I checked it out.   I was so intrigued I checked out the authors blog next.  And that is where I stopped.

 Here's what I found . . .
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2009 Hockey Heals...                                
I've been going to New York Rangers games with the same buddies for the past 13 years. This year is different. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. One of those buddies moved away. The other one has Cancer. This year, Opening Night at Madison Square Garden was a date marked on my calendar for all the wrong reasons. Hockey has always been a distraction for us. Through the good times and the bad. This year it was hard to predict who would even be at the game with me. Year after year, we would meet at the seats. The start of each new season brought a sense of hope. That's the beauty of sports. With each new year, comes a fresh start. With one of my friends hundreds of miles away and the other one battling for his life, Hockey season hardly seemed a priority.

Then I realized that Opening Night was actually more important this year than it has ever been. I spoke to my friend who is sick, during the week leading up to the game. I told him that I'd keep the ticket available for him until the last minute. I knew he'd been feeling awful as of late and it would be tough for him to commit

"Dude. If you feel up to it, just call me that day. I'd love to see you there on Opening Night."

He said he can't make any promises but he'd try his best to make it.

"I want to be there bro. I just don't know how I'm gonna feel."

The night before the game, I thought to myself that if my buddy was gonna make it out, then I needed to let him know how important it was to me to have him there. I wanted him to know that it was more than a game.

Adam Graves is a former New York Ranger. He happens to be one of the greatest Blueshirts to ever don the sweater. Adam is still a prominent figure in the organization and is known for his selfless commitment to local philanthropies, as well as, being a stellar human being. I took a chance and sent him an email in the hope that my buddy would indeed make it to the game.

This is what I wrote:


I've been a Rangers fan my whole life and a season subscriber for 13 years. I'll be at opening night tomorrow and for many reasons, it will be an emotional night for me. For the past 13 years, myself and two of my best friends have been going to the games together. Lot's of great times. This year one moved away with his family, so he won't be going to the games with us. Then a few months ago, the other one found out that he has Cancer. He's been pretty sick. He had to stop working and he's lost about 30 lbs. It's in his stomach, liver and lungs. We've known each other since we were 12 and reconnected after years apart in 1994 at MSG of all places during the cup run. We've been going to the games together ever since. Obviously because of his health, it's impossible for him to commit to the games this year. This leaves me with an empty seat on most nights. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of my buddy and the battle he's having right now. We both have little kids and stuff like this really hits you in the heart. His health is obviously bigger than any game but The Blueshirts have always bonded us through the years. I spoke to him yesterday and he said he's going to do whatever he can to get to opening night tomorrow. I'm hoping he feels up to it. I know it's last minute but I was hoping that if he made it to the game with me, there might be some way you could arrange to have some sort of meet and greet or special experience, no matter how simple, for him before or after the game. I'm not sure how many of these he'll get to see in the coming months and something tells me that if I can, I should try and make it a special night for him. I understand if you're too busy. I know you probably get 100's of these a week. I just thought I'd give it a shot.



The morning of the game, I received a call on my cell phone. It was Adam Graves. He asked how my friend was feeling and if I thought he'd make it to Opening Night. I told him that as of yesterday, he planned on coming. Adam said he would send someone to our seats to get us during the game. He said that he reserved a private sky box for us to watch a period with him. Just the three of us. I was blown away by his kindness. I had goosebumps.

My buddy made it out that night and we saw our beloved Rangers beat the Ottawa Senators 5-2. We also spent about 40 minutes with one of our heroes. My buddy cried when he realized that Adam and I arranged the whole night for him. I cried too. Everyone always asks me why Hockey is so important to me. Everyone always wants to know why I get so crazy over a Rangers win or a loss.

The answer couldn't be clearer. Hockey heals. Sometimes heroes really make a difference.

This story was the authors inspiration for the book Do Witches Make Fishes?  

There were two things that impressed me about the author Jason Mayo.
  • He used his idea and talent to help others
  • He stepped out and is making a difference
I have know nothing else about Mr. Mayo.  I have no idea which side of the fence he is on concerning Halloween or anything else for that matter.

And frankly I don't care.  But what I do know is that the proceeds of this book are helping kids.

The proceeds for the book are donated to:
The Garden of Dreams Foundation is committed to helping children in crisis in the tri state area, whether they are suffering from devastating illness, homelessness, abuse, hunger, extreme poverty or tragedy. Garden of Dreams works closely with all areas of Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall to build meaningful, unforgettable programs for children affiliated with 18 local partner organizations.

Excerpts from Amazon reviews . . . 
This is a wonderful book for children from four to eight...perhaps even three. It's about a little boy who loves "sweets" so much that he refuses to eat the healthy vegetables and fish his mother cooks for him. Something he does causes his mother to disappear and a witch appears in her place. The witch threatens the boy with all kinds of silly things if he doesn't eat what she cooks for him. The boy is more surprised than frightened because this is not that kind of really scary witch. When he finds his voice, he demands his mother back, pulls some "boy tricks" on the witch and the problem is resolved in a very satisfactory manner. The boy has learned a lesson about minding his mother and about eating healthy, so perhaps your children will, also.
. . .
I love the illustrations by Justin Wolfson because they're colorful and placed in the appropriate places to match the text. But what I enjoy most about them is that they're extra-large, making the characters jump off the pages right into your life. My grandson Devon giggled when he saw them and his eyes just about popped out when I turned to where the boy's head fills the entire page. I giggled right along with him
. . .

So whether your on the fence about Halloween or not this is a great book recommended by many for your child.  
This book is available at Amazon.  Click Here.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Fall Fun

We enjoyed some times last Fall.  But I didn't get to share pics because my computer was on the fritz.
Here's a few photo's never before seen . . .
My Photo Journey: My Photo Journey
I loved this house made out of straw.  I had never seen one!

My sweet boy was in a bit of a mood that day.  It was really, really hot and there were a bijillon people
at the Pumpkin Patch . . .

I did share this one Saturday . . .
My Photo Journey: My Photo Journey
It was also my first time in a corn maze.  I was actually a little nervous.  Silly me.  He kept saying
'I think this is the right way GiGi.'

My Photo Journey
Can you tell this is one of those I'm not in the mood photos.   Silly boy.

We had a fun day.  The pumpkin patch was at a local farm.  Half of the acreage is planted in corn for the maze.  The other half is a vegtable garden.  When the veggies are done the area becomes the pumpkin patch. Its a great place for a fun Fall outing!

And one more from a few years ago . . .

He does smile!  This is a different pumpkin patch at a local goat farm and dairy.  They have a produce

 I love playing with Pic Monkey and sharing over at  Mosaic Monday.

Here's my attempt at a Mosaic today . . .
Fall Fun: Fall Fun

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Blessings

May your day be blessed . . . 

                   Country Church Winter  

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happy Saturday

Wishing you and Happy Wonderful Saturday . . . 
My Photo Journey
I'm spending my day with my favorite 7 year old. 
The agenda . . . 
Dog with a Blog, Jessie, and all the other Disney shows!  

So what are you going to do to have a Happy Saturday?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fabulous Fall #3

Join me for another Fabulous Fall Party. . . 
T Are your trees turning yet?
I'm in the Fall spirit and I'm looking for decorating ideas, recipes and any Fall themed photo.  I'd love see to your turning trees!  
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beach Theme Mantle

Beautiful blue skies and water make you think beach.  Don't they?
Today I'm sharing my Beach theme mantle.  All the sweet elements are from my kids summer vacation . . . 

It's very hard to get a really good shot.  My mantle is long. 
And, I am using my phone.  
The sweet little mermaid and the boat were the inspiration pieces that began this theme.  
When I received the mermaid photo in the mail I told my DIL I wanted to build a mantle display around it. 
Then I saw the boat on Pintrest.

She took the idea and began creating.  My DIL and the mermaid made the felt bunting.  The rice paper laterns I originally bought at $5.00 below for the patio.  (that idea didn't come together. Bummer)
My DIL is a photographer.  So there are a lot of photos.  My 14
year old grandson is her assistant and learning the trade. 
The seashell at dusk photo with the blue ribbon was taken by my grandson.  The couple at sunset is my son and DIL taken by my grandson.
As I began to display the photos I needed some height so I used a silver jewelry box to raise the sail boat drawing.  I didn't mention the ribbons are from the county fair.  They entered 67 items and received ribbons on 60 of the items.
I didn't have a frame yet for the large photo so I taped it to my mirror.  Also taped is the seahorse framed photo of my 6 1/2 year old grand daughter and DIL.  My grand daughter made the frame and received a 3rd place ribbon.  My grandson was the photograper.
Also in this photo is the painting my DIL painter.  You can see at the top the life preserver.  This was a group effort.  My grandson drilled the hole in a piece of plywood and DIL covered it and did the stitchery.  My
initials and Cowboys are displayed and the year we got married.  On the far left is the corsage I wore
at their wedding.

My DIL is very creative and crafty she made all the flowers for their wedding.
I wanted to share this last photo because it displays the sweet hand print heart I made for my daughter and grandsons Valentine dinner.  I haven't had the heart to take it down.
Oh opps...I guess you can see the plug hanging from the lights.  Also in this photo is a print you can't see well with another white ribbon. It's a huge sand castle they built.  The little drink umbrella was in the photo.
I taped it to the mermaid.    I switched all my candles on the candlelabra to white and silver to go with the theme.
Thanks for joining me on the beach.
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Blue Monday/Fall Trees

The weather is changing here . . . 
                      . . . it's been cooler

Then yesterday it was hot and humid but breezy . . . 

                       . . . we took a walk
               Tree  1
I love the leaves at the top.  I wasn't able to get a shot and barely got this one.  But just after I took this
shop a bunny scurried across our path.  Daisy wanted to chase it sooooo bad!

And a collection of a few of the shots.  I liked how the shadows played on the ground.  You have to look really close on the far right I tried to get a bird feeder in the shot.  Daisy is usually with me when I photo and it's a little hard sometimes.
The leaves are turning on these trees.  Mainly the pines.  I'm not sure what kind of pine they are but they drop their leaves early.

I like to think it's already Fall.  I mean the leaves are turning.
Trree Mosaic 1
See I told you. Hehe.  And one more of that Fall tree . . .
I really think this particular tree is changed so because of lack of water.  This area is shaded and is barely watered.  You can't really tell but there is hardly any grass.  It frustrates me.  We asked, begged , asked
again.  And gave up asking.

And one more last one . . .
I couldn't get a shot of what I really wanted.  This pine tree is covered in pine cones.  You can see a couple on the ground.  I'm going to be checking the ground daily.  I picked up 6 yesterday.

Fall is close.  I feel it.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Sketch

My new favorite place in Blogland on Sunday . . . 
Joining Sunday Sketch
A very, very rough draft. I  quickly copied this one from a Pin. Notice my flower pot is smaller than the words.  
I think this will be one for my Christmas project. 

A few drawings.  Another copy.  I'm liking these images. 
I'll use them later. 
I colored them during 'nap time' at school.  

I want to add ink and some water colors and then use the individual images with scripture for the Christmas project. 

Wanna see some better sketches. Go over to Sunday Sketches.
snail border
         Wishing You A Blessed Day 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Friday Nights/Sweet Saturday

floral border
I enjoy my Friday nights . . . 
                               . . .On the Fridays that we don't go out to dinner
I visit one Crazy Mama that loves quilts as much as I do.  

Amanda Jean is a lovely blogger and quilter that hosts a fun Friday night linky party dedicated to quilts.  
Today I am sharing a few of my favorites from last nights party. Just to make my Saturday Sweet . . . 

First up Amanda Jane shared a few pincushions.  The big one on the right was the focus one.  She shared how she put it together starting with a Hexie blog (that looks like a flower) that she made in the spring. 

I clicked on this one because I loved the title of her link .'Quilting is more fun than housework'.  I found that is also the name of Cynthia's blog.  I loved this fun scrappy quilt when I saw it larger.  I could see the
beautiful details.    This lovely quilt she made from Charm Squares which are precut squares you can buy at quilt shops.  By using Charm Squares instead of buying yardage a quilter is able to get a lot more different pieces of fabric from a particular line.  Plus the squares are already cut making your work faster.
Cynthia happens to have this quilt available for sale in her Etsy Shop.  Click Here.
Cameo Flagstone Quilt Cameo Flagstone Quilt
I chose this one because I really liked the Apples.  I chose this photo of the quilt because of the darling cat.
Kim of Persimmon Dreams is the quilter.  (Don't you just love the names of these blogs!)  Her 
aunt did the quilting.  Check out the story behind this quilt at her blog.  You might find a surprise there. 
We recently lost our sweet kitty.  I used to say a quilt isn't a quilt until Rascal has laid on it.  
Here's one of the last photos of Rascal . . . 
He always got a little of a grumpy look on his face when I took a picture when he was sleeping.  He wasn't a fan of the flash when he was taking a cat nap. 

                       A few more quilts.  I just can't get enough! 
Lynn at the Little Red Hen shared . . .
Lucky Strike
This is a Vintage Modern Quilt.  The pattern is vintage.  The method and use of fabrics and colors is modern.  I love the quilt hanging on the barn door.

I just loved this sweet little quilt.  I've been planning on making someone that loves pink a quilt for Christmas. I know I need to get started right.  But this is a simple pattern and perfect.  I think next Saturday I'll be building pink houses.
Did you notice the fence in the background.  I just love to hang quilts on a fence to photograph.
Click Here to see a post of quilts on fences.  I linked the post over Tex's party Good Fences.
Tex has a weekly party featuring fences.  It's a fun place to visit!

A next fun quilt that celebrates Thanksgiving . . .

What a cute little quilt.  Looks like he's stealing the Thanksgiving Dinner dessert.  He looks like he's a
little 'stuffed'.

And since we just happened to be talkin' Turkey and Thanksgiving I wanted to invite you to share your
Thanksgiving posts.  I'll be starting the Thanksgiving Party on November 1.
Currently The Fabulous Fall linky party is running.  You can come by and day and link Fall Themed
posts.  If the link isn't  the top post just click on the Leaf picture on the sidebar it will take you directly to the current party.

So now that I've been inspired by all these quilts.  I'm going to make my Saturday even sweeter by
finishing up a project!

                                     Happy Trails
                            Wild Mustangs

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